Here are some common questions asked about the 2017 Oxygen Challenge.

Questions About the Programs.

How much is The Oxygen Challenge?

Pricing is $89.95 for one coach or $129.95 for both.

When I sign up for The Oxygen Challenge, do I lose access to the videos after 90 days?

No! Once you sign up and create an account, you will have access to the videos for the duration of your account! These videos are yours to use again and again.

Are all of the workouts done in a gym?

Many of the workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment. There are some instances where coaches use machines, but they offer in-home suggestions and modifications for those who don’t have access to a gym. Please see the equipment list for Jamie Eason Middleton's program here and for Kaisa Keranen here.

I’m eating a plant-based diet. Can I still follow the meal plans?

Yes! Although neither Jamie Eason Middleton or Kaisa Keranen follow a plant-based diet, we created a meal plan for those who do. It is a part of each program.

Questions About the 2017 Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition.

Do I have to participate in the Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition to do the program?

No! The Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition is OPTIONAL. You have to opt in by checking the box on your sign-up form. Remember: You must opt in by June 30, 2017, 11:59 p.m. EDT to be eligible for the Cover Athlete Competition.

How long is the Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition?

The Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition begins June 12, 2017, and ends September 9, 2017. For people who started late, entries will not be accepted after June 30, 2017. 

If I'm not doing the Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition do I have to upload Before and After Photos?

No! That is only required if you are participating in the Cover Athlete Competition.

Where do I upload my photos for the Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition?

When you opt in for the Cover Athlete Competition you will receive an e-mail with a link to the photo upload page. Please remember to use the same e-mail and password you used to join the program.  

When do I upload my “Before” photos for the Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition?

You must upload your “Before” photos between June 12, 2017 and June 30, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

When do I upload my “After” photos for the Oxygen Cover Athlete Competition?

You must upload your “After” photos between September 9, 2017 and September 15, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Questions About the Private Facebook Groups.

What is the purpose of the private Facebook group pages?

The Facebook group pages are a great place to connect with fellow Challenge team members. We've created these groups for our Oxygen ladies so they have a private, safe place to ask questions and share their transformations, successes and struggles. Worried about who will see your posts? Don't worry, these are private groups for girls only!

What information do I need to be added to the Facebook group pages?

The email you registered with will be used to add you to the Facebook Groups. This email will also receive challenge and contest updates. **Please make sure you use this email in all fields where asked (do NOT use multiple email accounts).**

Do I have to be part of the Cover Challenge to join the groups?

No. You just have to be a paid participant of the 2017 Oxygen Challenge. 

Technical Questions

HELP! I’m having problems purchasing the program. I picked my coach(es) and clicked on the “Sign Up Now!” button and nothing happened. Now what? 

Please email us at: All inquiries will be answered in the order they are received. 

HELP! I forgot where to go to access my videos for The Oxygen Challenge!

Go to to sign in.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Unlimited access to the online streaming videos
  • Three full months of workout programming
  • Step-by-step exercise instruction
  • Three full months of nutrition programming
  • Recipes, grocery lists and meal plans
  • Valuable info on motivation, rest and setting goals
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